Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This is Sebastian Sol Rojas Tenney, my grandson, wearing a gown sewn and embroidered by his great-great grandmother. I painted this 4 years ago. I posed him on an African stool placed on the kitchen table. The light was beautiful from a southern window. Afterward I took him to the IGA and let him pick out a toy not to exceed two dollars, that was the modeling fee. This painting won 'Best Of Show' at the 'Chequamegon Bay Art Exhibit' in 2004. We did it together! I am launching my blog with this image, November, 2007. He and I are very proud of our efforts with this painting and it hangs permanently above my work table.
Oil on canvas - 10x20.

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Anonymous said...

I love your work and enjoy woeking with you miss the painting time we spent together ... I am packing my pigment and heading to willow springs mo. on tuesday til the daffidols are blooming in wisconsin . love is sent your way sandy pratt good blog-ing